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Alien Xrano...? by Crazy-Brave-Girl Alien Xrano...? by Crazy-Brave-Girl
Edit: Since :iconlyricabelachium: never said anything about using it, I guess it's still mine. Finally colored it as part of my coloring project. I tried to go back to me cartoony origins and went with a color scheme for it instead of the usual shading with the low opacity level. I left it kinda messy on purpose to give it....a feel, I guess. It doesn't look right to me that way though. And can you believe it? I had the title in plural form the entire time. Hahaha.

Good thing it just has to be inked... Neither Pixlr nor Gimp wants to cooperate with the digital inking process.

Anyhow, this is a donation to :iconlyricabelachium: for a organic character in her comic "Conditional Freedom." I don't know if this thing will make the cut, but I felt like giving this to her anyway.

I don't really have a permanent name for this. Obviously Xranos was all I could come up with.

The creature itself is pretty dragon inspired. Although, its technically not one. BIO TIME!

Species name: Xrano (Plural Xranos)

Gender: Male

Habitat: barren, dusty planets or jungle planets.

Weapons: Primary weapons are horn and spikes on tail, secondary are two rows of serrated teeth including some on the outside of the mouth, claws (rarely used).

Bio: Basically, Xranos are beasts with the natural instincts seen in earth rhinos, only they're carnivores and aren't hard of eyesight, and their agressnivess is far worse. Male adults are often seen with scars from battles, mostly because one ends up trespassing on the others territory.

Xranos from barren planets and jungle planets differ from a variety of color and size. The barren planets having dwarf Xranos compared to the ones in jungles, which are massive in height. Their roars are like hearing a prehistoric T-rex.


That probably would have been longer if I'd found some more stuff about them ^^; But Lyrica, feel free to modify whatever you want about them.

Xranos belong to me until further notice.
Steal and face my extreme craziness
oh and steal from :iconlyricabelachium: and you're dead meat :fuzzydemon:
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August 21, 2010
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